Sand Lake                          Garden Club

President: Mary Lee Kopache                                                       
Vice President: Connie Gatt
Secretary: Janice Barryann                                                   
Treasurer: Mary Hall
Directors: Rose Dore, Judy Kasianczuk,
               Obadiah Savage, Eileen VanOort,
               & Linda Ormsby




(Definitions as described in SLGC By Laws)


Finance Committee: Finance/Audit  Joan Gross   

Finance Committee: This Committee shall:

(1) Study the reports of the Treasurer and advice the President of any action that should be taken to protect the financial condition of the Club.

(2) Review the financial condition and policies of the Club and recommend any steps deemed desirable to improve the financial status and operation of the Club.

(3) Audit the books each year allowing the Treasurer sufficient

time to prepare the “end of the year” report for the annual meeting.

(4) Prepare the annual budget prior to November first (1) for

submission by the President to the Club.


Program Committee:  Pat Mulligan, Helen Dolan

Program Committee: This Committee shall:

(1) Provide a varied choice of special programs of interest and value to the Club.

(2) Determine nature or type of all programs.

(3) Contract and arrange for speakers, participants or special guests.

(4) Notify the Club of all arrangements for the next meeting.


Public Relations Committee:  Becky Raymond

Public Relations Committee: This Committee shall:

(1) Cause to be published, articles of interest to the public.

(2) Promote such public activities as to develop a better understanding of the Club. 9

(3) Notify one (1) week in advance at least one (1) local newspaper and/or media, of each monthly meeting, emphasizing the program, speaker, or demonstration and extend an invitation to the public to attend.

(4) In the case of inclement weather members will be notified of meeting cancellation via email, posting on SLGC website or other means. 


Trips Committee:  Meg Distell, Millie Smith, Joan Gross, and Mary Hall


Hospitality Committee:  Judy Kasianczuk, Joan Grusensky

Hospitality Committee: This Committee shall:

(1) Prepare nametags for each.  (Joan)

(2) Arrange for Club refreshments. Expenses to be borne by the Club. (Judy)


Conservation & Preservation Committee: Joan Gross 

Conservation & Preservation Committee: This Committee shall:

      (1) Review the Cooperative Extension news bulletins and any other relevant publications and report briefly on any important features contained therein.


Horticulture Committee: Joan Gross  

 Horticulture Committee: This Committee shall:

(1) Inform members on Horticulture matters.

(2) Encourage members to bring plants to monthly meetings to share their knowledge with the membership.

(3) Inform members as to when to do their gardening projects (plant seeds, transplant perennials, do pruning, etc.).


Sunshine Committee:  Joan Gross 

Sunshine Committee: This Committee shall:

(1) Upon notification of hospitalization, illness or death of a member or their immediate family, send appropriate gifts.


Door Prize Committee:  Judy Kasianczuk, Linda Ormsby


Raffle Committee for Plant Sale – Linda Ormsby


Web Site – Bill Glasser


Scholarship Committee: Eileen VanOort


Plant Sale Chairman:   Connie Gatt


Community Clean up:   Pat Mulligan