Sand Lake                          Garden Club

President: Mary Lee Kopache                                                       
Vice President: Connie Gatt
Secretary: Janice Barryann                                                   
Treasurer: Mary Hall
Directors: Rose Dore, Judy Kasianczuk,
               Obadiah Savage, Eileen VanOort,
               & Linda Ormsby



           January 24, 2019  - Annual Meeting – Our January Membership meeting has an early start time of 6:30 Thursday Jan 24 at the Sand Lake Town LIBRARY Community Room due to the Town needing the hall for the annual State of the Town meeting. Our program will be  "The Basics of Flower Arrangements" by Melissa Orth, owner of Poppy Tree Floral Designs. For all other meetings of 2019 we will be back at the SL Town Hall at the regular start time. REMINDER: Dues are due.  Please come prepared to pay Mary Hall, Treasurer that evening. 


 February 28, 2019 – Pruning Demystified 

Join Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Beth Bechand as she shares some basic tips and simple guidelines about pruning so that you can confidently prune your woody plants to enhance their health and beauty.  Learn the best time to prune and the worst time to prune, as well as the right tools and techniques to use.  Learn to prune to improve the bloom, structure, and longevity of your trees and shrubs and to avoid common pruning mistakes that can deform your woody plants or even kill them. Beth Bechand has been a master gardener for CCE of Rensselaer County since 2014.  She lives in Wynantskill on a one acre lot that was once a cow pasture but now has more than 100 different kinds of trees and shrubs.



 March 28, 2019 - "June Farms, Local Gentleman's Farm and Destination Venue"  

In September of 2017 Town of Sand Lake welcomed an exciting new venue to its neighborhood when June Farms opened on a quiet road in West Sand Lake.  Located on 120 acres, June Farms is a small gentleman's farm that is home to giant shire horses, long horned Scottish cattle, huge heritage pigs and an array of chickens, ducks and miniature goats.  The public is invited to enjoy the premises by foot, horse drawn carriage or ATV,  Light fare and drinks, incorporating locally souced products, are available several nights a week in the charming Pony Barn, surrounded by lovely landscaped grounds.  A representative of June Farms will be present at the March 28th meeting to introduce us to this unique farm right in our own back yard.



 April 25, 2019 - "The Basics of Flower Arrangements" by Melissa Orth, owner

                           of Poppy Tree Floral Designs. 


 Potting Nights – April 22, 29 and May 6 from 6:00 p.m. until whenever

 Plant Sale Set Up – May 9 & 10


 May 11, 2019 - Annual Plant Sale – Salem United

                       Methodist Church


            May 23, 2019 - Community Clean Up @ Butler Park, APPO, 

                   SLCA  - ice cream social


 June 27, 2019 -


 July 25, 2019 – Annual Picnic -


 August 22, 2019  


 September 26, 2019 –  Round Table Discussion -Garden 

 Successes, Problems, Ideas, Favorite Tools-Everyone's

 "Educational Moment"

            October 24, 2019


 November 28, 2019 - Happy Thanksgiving!!!! -   NO MEETING 


 December 4, 2019 - Annual Holiday Party


Meeting Start at 7:00 PM at the Sand Lake Town Hall


Dues are Due - Dues are $10.00 for all.